MobilePass Project - Traveller Feedback from MobilePass Test
Thank you for taking part in the testing of the experimental MobilePass border checking device!
We would like to ask you a few more questions so that we get your opinion about this experience. We will only use this information to improve our device. Thank you for the time you take for us! We greatly value your input.
1. Gender:
2. Your age is :
3. Has the purpose of the MobilePass test , as well as the use of your personal data been adequately explained to you?
4. With which document have you passed this test?
5. How often do you cross this border?
6. As a traveler, do you think that the this new border crossing process was:
Easy to understand
7. Please specify how you felt towards the different parts of the procedure :
Very positive (comfortable, quick, easy to use...)
Very negative (uncomfortable, slow, not easy to use...)
Document verification
Fingerprints verification
Face verification
8. Globally speaking, do you think that this new way of checking could be an improvement?
9. Do you trust the MobilePass device to keep your personal data safe ?
10. Would you trust a Smart Phone-based application for border crossing to keep your data safe ?
11. In your opinion, how could the MobilePass device further improve the border control process (taking into account safety, efficiency and ease of use) ?
Your answer
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