Prince of Peace Catholic Community Small Group Sign-up
Thank you for your interest in the Prince of Peace Small Groups. Please complete the information below and the Small Group Ministry team will help you to form a group with your friends or find one that is a good fit for you.
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Group Formation
There are two options for group formation:

OPTION 1 - Form Your Own Group
Do you know people that you would like to have in your group? If, for example, you are involved with a ministry or group at Prince of Peace, perhaps you may want to get others in that organization to join you in a group, or perhaps you were previously involved with a small group (e.g., an ARISE! group) that you would like to get together again. If so, we will follow up with you to help you get your group formed.

OPTION 2 - Be Assigned to a Group
If you do not have a group of people in mind and simply wish for us to assign you to a group, we can do so. If you know of an existing group that you would like to join, you can enter the name of the group coordinator and we will work with that person to get you added to the group. Otherwise, you will be asked about your preferences for meeting time and type of group (e.g., young adults, married couples, seniors, etc.) and we will assign you to a group We will also take zip codes into consideration.

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