2014 Etowah Camporee - Planned Participation & Unit Event Volunteer Sign-ups

Greetings Etowah District Units .... Our "SPACE PIRATES" District Camporee will be October 17-18-19 at Belk Scout Camp. There is a new opportunity for more seasoned Scouts and Venture Crews to participate in an alternative "Challenger Track" that was run last year with good feedback.

Help us make it a great event by answering the following questions to aid our planning process. Thank you.
Follow-up questions can be made to EtowahDistrictCamporee@gmail.com
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    1-First Aid "Houston We Have A Problem"
    2-Flag Etiquette  "Hoist Ye Colours"
    3-Fire Building  "LH2-Lox-Lo2-LOL"
    4-Leave No Trace / Animal & Trees "Alien Identification"
    5-Lashings & Knots simple bridge "Walk the Plank"
    6-Service Project (pre-determined)  "Swab the Deck"
    7-Tennis Ball Slingshot  "Cannonball Catastrophe"
    Cook-off  "Restaurant at the End of the Universe"
    Boat Race  "King of the Cove"
    Zip Line H2O balloon drop "To Infinity And Beyond"
    Not able to or interested in hosting
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