2019 Ignite! Playform Registration
A Playform is a platform for playful learning; a way for Ignite community members to come together and share knowledge, experiences, skills, and ideas. Do you have a special skill that others might benefit from learning? Know how to do something really useful, artistic, engaging, or just plain cool? Have a burn related topic you'd like to discuss? Most importantly, are you willing to teach this skill/facilitate discussion of this topic for others? If so, you sound like a perfect Playform host! Please fill out this form so we can get you scheduled to host a Playform at Ignite!
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What would be the best location for this Playform? *
Please only select "at a theme camp" if it ABSOLUTELY NO MATTER WHAT has to be at a theme camp! To help people find your playform it is best if it is at an official location!
If you picked "theme camp," why? Do you have a theme camp in mind and if so, which one?
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Do you have any co-hosts for this Playform? If so, list their name(s) and email(s) here.
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What day(s) and time(s) would be best for this Playform to start? Playforms will run from 6pm-9pm Friday; 9am-9pm Saturday; 10am-6pm Sunday *
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Would you be willing to host your Playform twice? *
We've received feedback that due to hosting Playforms, volunteer shifts etc, some people miss out on ones they really want to attend. We thought it might be nice to offer some twice if the host is willing!
If you are willing to host it twice, how would you like the 2nd one scheduled?
Anything else you'd like to tell us about this Playform?
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