DR:UM - Small Group Sign-up
In September DR:UM will start Small Groups in Maastricht.

The small groups we have are:

Group 1:
When: Thursday 19:00
Where: Matthias Wijnandsstraat 10
Leaders: Wonu and Ashna

Group 2:
When: Tuesday 19:00
Where: Bolderikweerd 31
Leaders: Skye and Lucile
(Note: This groups starts only in October)

Group 3 (FULL):
When: Monday 19:00
Where: Maastrichter Brugstraat (Between Nespresso and Tommy Hilfiger)
Leader: Karo

Group 4:
When: Thursday 19:30
Where: Electronstraat 2
Leaders: Sarah and Praveen
(Note: Starting in October the time will change to Tuesdays 19:30 and the location to Adelbert van Scharnlaan E22)

Group 5 (FULL):
When: Thursday 19:30
Where: Tongerseweg 248
Leader: Tom

You can see all the options in the Google Map below:

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