Prospective Member Information Form for 2016-2017 Phoenix Symphony Chorus Season
This form must be completed by every prospective member of the Phoenix Symphony Chorus. It should take only a few minutes to complete. Please answer each item in this survey and hit SUBMIT at the bottom when you are finished.

Be sure that you also have sent an email and a recording of a vocal solo according to the instructions found at:

General Information
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Musical Information
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Please list your significant CHORAL experience
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Language proficiency
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Rehearsals & Performances
For each item, please indicate whether you will be able to attend. A response is required for each item.

While there are unavoidable exceptional circumstances (work, travel, and family related absences), each member of the Phoenix Symphony Chorus is expected to participate in each rehearsal each Monday evening, all concerts of the season (unless TPS requires a reduced number of singers for a performance), each piano dress rehearsal, and each orchestral dress rehearsals. Absences will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the Section Representatives and the Chorus Council.

Members are expected to participate in all concert runs of the year, and may not opt in or out of performances based on their preferences for repertoire.

(PLEASE NOTE that only a portion of the Chorus will sing in the performances in Prescott, and in each individual Messiah concert in December, as assigned by the Chorus Master. On this form, please indicate your AVAILABILITY for--not your preference for--all performances.)

Monday rehearsals beginning on or about Aug 22
Week of Sept 19 for evening rehearsals TBD
Sept 23 Concert (Eve): Stravinsky Symphony of Psalms
Sept 24 Concert (Eve): Stravinsky Symphony of Psalms
Sept 25 Concert (Aftrn): Stravinsky Symphony of Psalms (Prescott)
Week of Nov 28 for evening rehearsals TBD
Dec 2 Concert (Eve): Holiday Pops
Dec 3 Concert (Aftrn): Holiday Pops
Dec 3 Concert (Eve): Holiday Pops
Dec 4 Concert (Aftrn): Holiday Pops
Week of Dec 5-11 for Messiah rehearsals and performances (every day)
Week of Jan 16 for evening rehearsals TBD
Jan 20 Concert (Eve): Bernstein Chichester Psalms
Jan 21 Concert (Eve): Bernstein Chichester Psalms
Jan 22 Concert (Aftrn): Bernstein Chichester Psalms (Prescott)
Week of March 20 for evening rehearsals TBD
March 24 Concert (AM): Mozart Requiem & Pärt In Principio
March 24 Concert (PM): Mozart Requiem & Pärt In Principio
March 25 Concert (PM): Mozart Requiem & Pärt In Principio
Week of March 27 for evening rehearsals TBD
Apr 1 (AM): Dress Rehearsal
Apr 1 Concert (PM): Beethoven 9th
Apr 2 Concert (Aftrn): Beethoven 9th
If you have any planned absences for rehearsals or performances, or wish to add an explanation for your not being available for specific rehearsals or concerts, please use this space.
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Attendance and Dress Policies
TPSC is a group of highly skilled volunteers seeking a professional experience in partnership with TPS and has a direct effect on the quality of The Phoenix Symphony. Therefore, TPSC membership is for a minimum of one full symphony season. At season conclusion, all members will be asked to re-commit for the following season.

TPSC REHEARSALS are held every Monday evening during the concert season, unless otherwise notified. TPSC rehearsals, dress rehearsals, performances, and other events are mandatory and should hold priority on each member’s calendar. Having previously sung a work does NOT lessen the attendance requirement. TPSC realizes conflicts occasionally occur. Therefore, every member is allowed to miss up to 25% of the rehearsals for any given concert. An absence form is required for each absence. The member must fill out a form (available from Section Representative and as a downloadable pdf file from the TPSC member website), explaining the circumstances, and submit it to their respective Section Rep. This form is to be filled out before the absence if possible or after the event if it was unexpected. When a member’s absences for a concert run exceed 25% all rehearsals the Chorus Master will review the situation and at his discretion either approve the absences or determine the member cannot sing the concert run. Attendance is mandatory at the PIANO DRESS REHEARSAL the Monday of concert week, ALL orchestra dress rehearsals, and ALL performances.

A member is required to notify their Section Representative in advance of all ABSENCES. If an absence occurs during concert week, it must be cleared (via the form) through the Chorus Master, even if it is the first occurrence. Section Representatives are responsible for recording attendance and providing attendance and punctuality records to the Roster Secretary. A poor record reflects negatively on a member’s commitment to TPSC. At the discretion of the Chorus Master, repeated tardiness and excessive absences are grounds for dismissal from TPSC. If a member must change his/her original commitment to TPSC, he/she must communicate his/her intent in writing to the Section Rep, and the Chorus Master will determine whether re-audition is required for future TPSC seasons. Exceptions to this policy are extended illness, pregnancy, etc. and will be reviewed by the Chorus Master on a case-by-case basis.

TPSC has a CONCERT DRESS CODE to create a uniform, professional appearance. Hair that is shoulder length or longer should be worn pulled back from the face. Only stud earrings, wedding rings, watches and medical alerts should be worn. Women wear a dress uniform purchased from Formal Fashions in Tempe that has a square neck black top with 3⁄4 sheer bell sleeves and ankle length black A-line skirt. Black hosiery and black, closed-toe shoe with modest heel (less than 2”) or flats are worn that are purchased by the TPSC member.

Men wear a black tuxedo jacket and slacks with white tuxedo shirt, black bow tie and cummerbund, black dress shoes and black socks. Sunday afternoon dress is tuxedo pants and jacket, white dress shirt (not tux shirt), and long black tie.

"I have filled out this entire form correctly to the best of my knowledge, and have read the Attendance and Dress Policies, and agree to follow the guidelines as stated if chosen as a new member in the Symphony Chorus."
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