2021 Practice Fair
The Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy will sponsor a Practice Fair as part of the 2021 Annual Conference which will be live online. Last year's virtual Practice Fair had 22 presentations that were viewed over 1,600 times! The Practice Fair is a virtual platform that allows practicing clinicians to share ideas and information about clinical practice with their peers. You are invited to share your creative interventions, strategies, activities, adaptations/modifications, innovative programs, and specialized use of equipment, toys, and materials. Presenters will share knowledge using a three-to-five-minute video that can include an explanation of the idea, examples, and/or samples. Accepted participants' videos will be available on the conference website during conference dates beginning in November and extending until April 1, 2022. Q&A with attendees will be available for each presentation. One Practice Fair presenter will receive the Practice Fair Innovation Award.

Judges from last year's Innovation Award made these recommendations:
1. Remember that the Practice Fair is a platform for clinical practice ideas, not research.
2. Consider including the presenter's face in the video to further engage the viewer.
3. The presentation will be stronger if it includes more than slides, such as including a video showing use of the innovation.
4. Include clear, concrete "take-home" information.
5. Discuss transferability to other practice settings.
6. Consider including an example that viewers can ponder.
7. Include links or recommendations for additional resources.
8. Conclude with top points or take-home messages.

We will accept as many presentations as possible. Each main presenter must register for the Annual Conference at https://www.eventscribe.net/2021/AC/. Conference registration is optional for other presenters. You will be notified by October 5th if your application to present is approved and will receive detailed instructions about making and submitting the video, which will be due by November 1, 2021. Content will be reviewed by the Practice Fair Committee. The virtual Practice Fair will be highlighted during the "live" conference weekend, November 19 - 21, and will be available on the website until April 1, 2022. Direct any questions to Nancy Oberg, nancyoberg42@gmail.com. Fill out and submit the form below to join the Practice Fair!

Submission deadline has been extended to September 30, 2021.

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