2019 CISPES Elections Accompaniment Scholarship Eligibility Form
Cost: $1,000 + $150 registration fee (application materials list this as a $150-$300 sliding scale fee for those who are able to pay more to support delegates needing scholarships)

Flight cost, between $400 and $700, not included

CISPES is committed to making all of its delegations accessible to POC, folks of low income backgrounds and students. To that end, CISPES is raising money for a limited number of need-based scholarships available to participants in the 2019 CISPES Elections Accompaniment Delegation.

We hope delegates will also place significant efforts in fundraising as much money as needed to cover their delegation fees and flight costs. If you are part of a local CISPES chapter, they can help you fund raise. The National Office can also provide ongoing support and materials for fundraising.

To apply for a scholarship, please answer the questions below.

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Outside of fundraising, are you able to pay for any amount of the delegation costs out of pocket? If so, please list the amount. *
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If accepted as a delegate, are you able to pay the $150 deposit at the time of acceptance? *
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