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I'm considering setting up an affiliate program for my online store (  Basically this program would let others advertise my products, and I would pay that person a percentage of each sale generated by them.

I don't want people to spam these links everywhere or annoy other groups and if that becomes a problem I would remove affiliates who do that, but if it's too common then I might just cancel the whole program.  I do think there are good cases for this.  Such as someone having a fiber related blog, newsletter, spinning class, or some other activity where they can send their customers to my site.  These cases are win-win-win.  They help out their audience by showing them something they are interested in, they help themselves by making a percentage of the sale, and I win by getting a new sale.

Setting this up will be quite a bit of work so I'd like to see that there is a decent amount of interest before I put in that work.
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What would be a reasonable percent to give affiliates? (Amazon does different rates, but is generally 3-5% for comparison.)
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If you plan to participate, where would you likely promote these products?
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