EV Prize Teacher Survey 2018
Please fill in the survey below to assist us with planning for future events. It should not take more than 20 minutes of your time.
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Do you teach STEM subjects?
Do you intend to teach STEM subjects in the future?
On average, how much time (per week) did you spend on the EV Prize activities?
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The EV Prize activities are supported by the school executive
The EV Prize activities are supported by my other colleagues
There was cross faculty involvement in the EV Prize (not just science and D&T)
Staff had the skills and knowledge to adequately support students with EV Prize activities
Students were able to engage with the EV Prize activities
The students involved in the EV Prize benefit from the activity
There is strong interest among the students in the school to be involved in the EV festival
The EV Prize is an appropriate way to spend curriculum timew 8
Students involved in EV Prize were dedicated and enjoyed preparations for competition
Parents of involved students were engaged with the EV Prize activities
I will support the school’s involvement in the EV Prize next year
Students who were involved in the EV Prize show a strong interest to participate in future EV Festivals
All schools should be encouraged to participate in extra-curricular STEM activities, such as the EV Festival
How did you become involved in the EV Festival?
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Do you think that the variety of prizes available to EV Prize teams are appropriate? Why?
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To your knowledge, have the EV Prize activities encouraged participating students to take STEM related courses in grades 11 and 12?
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To your knowledge, have students previously involved in the EV Prize pursued further tertiary studies in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics-related programs?
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What did you gain from being involved in the EV Prize?
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What further skills and knowledge would you like to develop as an advisor to the students?
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What workshops would you like to see in order to help in the professional development of teachers involved in the competition?
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Additional Comments:
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Thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey. We very much appreciate your feedback.
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