2019 APMP-NCA MAC Call for Presenters with responses due by July 31, 2019
APMP-NCA 2019 Mid-Atlantic Conference and Expo
Call for Speakers

Responses are due by July 31, 2019.

APMP-NCA solicits abstracts for presentations at the 2019 Mid-Atlantic Conference and Expo (MAC). We are looking for sessions that use a variety of presentation methods (standard presentations (with PPT slides), panels, workshops, etc.) and provide innovative, actionable insights that attendees can use in their day-to-day experience as Business Development, Capture, and Proposal professionals. Approximately 300 individuals will attend the MAC on October 17th in Tyson’s Corner, VA.

Overall Conference Theme: New Horizons
Looking into the distance, the horizon marks the farthest point you can see. What lies beyond that is unknown—until you get there. What lies beyond your horizon? New opportunities? New challenges? New connections? A new horizon. The 2019 APMP NCA Mid-Atlantic Conference and Expo offers all of this and more. Opportunities to learn about best practices and new methodologies. A challenge to achieve APMP Certification. Chances to connect with colleagues and make new connections. Please join us, explore your options, and see what lies beyond your horizon.
This year’s conference has four program objectives:
1. Aspire: Take aim for your future. Overcome challenges and obstacles. Translate your ambitions into actions
2. Inspire: Recognize the value of our profession. Gain a passion for accomplishing meaningful outcomes in your work to contribute to your organization’s success.
3. Rejuvenate: Regain your passion and drive to create quality outcomes. Remember your hard-fought lessons learned and commit to excellence in your profession.
4. Learn: New ways, new techniques, new technologies that will translate into new best practices for our profession.
You may submit more than one proposed session, either in a single program objective or in different objectives.
Approximately 300 people in roles such as:
o Executive Leadership/Management, Business Development Professionals/Account Managers, Capture Managers, Proposal Managers/Coordinators/Writers, etc.
o Junior professionals in the early stages of their careers, intermediate-level professionals, senior professionals with decades of experience
o Attendees in a specific industry niche (e.g., IT or logistics) or serving a narrow customer set versus attendees from a variety of industry niches or with broader customer sets
o Attendees from large businesses, medium-sized business, or small businesses (or some combination)

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