Sackville Farmers Market: Location Development Survey
Thanks for taking the time to help us with our location strategy!
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Who are you?
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When I don't come to market it's mainly because:
What kinds of products or vendors would draw you to the market? Is there something missing that you think the market should offer?
About how many weeks in the past year did you shop at the market?
Do you attend the market:
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Why do you attend the market? (Check all that apply)
How much money do you typically spend at the Sackville Farmers Market per visit?
What do you like most about the Sackville Farmers Market?
What do you like least about about the Sackville Farmers Market?
What improvements would you like to see at the Sackville Farmers Market? (Check all that apply)
Can you expand on your above answer? (How can we improve market accessibility? What hours would you like to see the market open for? etc)
If the market were to make the above improvements, would you be likely to increase the amount of time or money you spend at the farmers market?
I would be more likely to attend the market if:
Please identify which elements of the market are most important to you. (Check all that apply).
Not important at all
A little importance
Quite important
Absolutely essential
Outdoor ambiance, space to picnic & play
Indoor ambiance
Diversity of products
Getting products directly from producers
Affordability of products
Family friendly environment
Good source for groceries
Good place to have a meal
Good place for gifts/shopping/treats
Good place to spend leisure time
Parking space
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