PR & Content Marketing Associate
Thank you for your interest in joining CanIRank's team of marketing professionals as our new PR & Content Marketing Associate! These questions will help us get a better feel for how you approach various marketing tasks. Don't worry: we're not expecting you to demonstrate the strategic PR genius of a Daniel Edelman combined with the prose of Shakespeare (or John Caples, for you copywriting geeks). It doesn't really even matter if your answer is totally "wrong". We'll train you on this stuff later! Instead this is a chance to showcase your creative thinking and ability to connect with humans (like us!) in a way that doesn't necessarily come across in a boring cover letter.
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Note: this should be your "Wholesale" rate for collaborating with an agency who handles all overhead such as sales, marketing, client relations, billing, etc. and not your direct-to-client "Retail" rate.
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