Jane Street - Estimathon 12 May@ 5:00pm BST
Join Jane Street for an Estimathon!

Running an Estimathon virtually requires some pre-work on our part, so be sure to fill out the form once it is confirmed that you are able to join and please let us know if anything changes and you are no longer able to attend after you've signed up, email work@janestreet.com.

Please submit this form by FRIDAY 7 MAY @ 11:59pm BST to register for this event. We will confirm attendees with further details on Monday 10 May - we hope to see you there!

All attendees MUST have access to Zoom accounts and be willing and to use it for this event.

Teams: The size of teams depends on the number of attendees. Each participant must complete a separate form.
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Virtual Estimathon Participation Requirements
In order to compete in Jane Street's Virtual Estimathon, all team members must

1. Have access to Zoom accounts and be willing to use them during Estimathon

2. Use Zoom from a laptop or desktop during Estimathon is strongly encouraged. You can play from a mobile or tablet device, but it may downgrade your experience.

3. Have access to a reliable internet connection that allows for video conferencing for the duration of Estimathon
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If you have signed up with fellow team members, please confirm the team name you are allocated to. We will create teams for all other students
Listing your friend here does NOT register them for this event. All students must register separately.
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