2017/2018 BHS team Coach volunteers (seniors only)
This form is for students who would like to coach a BHS team. ONLY SENIORS ARE ELIGIBLE. If you would like to coach younger players, please fill out the appropriate form.
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Have you coached in the past? If so, what league? *
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Who will be your coaching partner? *
Both partners must fill out this form. If you have none, please write none and we'll match you up. You may not have a partner who is on a winter sports team with you. We have found this to be a problem when both students have to miss CommEd due to a practice or game for their sport. You may only have a third coach when one of the three is not a registered player.
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Coaching parent supervision policy *
When coaching a CommEd team, school policy requires that an adult be present for all student functions. You must have an adult present at all practices and games. This can be one of the coaches parents or the parent of a player who will be in the area of the gym. They do not need to sit inside the gym or participate in practice. Do you understand and agree to this policy?
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