Daniel Stewart Clinic
We are so excited to welcome Daniel Stewart for one of his renowned clinics in November! Come prepared to have your brain challenged and your muscles worked!

**Only 12 rider spots are available per day but auditors are welcome!**

The clinic will include 3 riding sessions, an interactive seminar, and a healthy meal shared during a Q&A session and book signing at the end of the day.

When: Saturday and Sunday, November 2, & 3, 2019
Riders: $250 for one day and $425 for both days
Auditors: $25 for one day and $35 for both days
Daniel's book: $30
Weekend stall fee: $75
Day stall fee: $45

***There will be 3 riding levels offered during the clinic. Indicate what level session is appropriate for you on the registration form.

Negative coggins needs to be emailed to EdgebrookEquestrian@yahoo.com before arrival.

$150 nonrefundable deposit for riders must be sent via paypal (friends and family only to sayermoser@yahoo.com) or Venmo.

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