Construction Site Volunteer Registration & Skills/Interest Survey Form
While no specific skills are required, just a willingness to learn, it's sometimes helpful to know who we might call upon for specific tasks, to assist with supervising and/or teaching larger groups, or for hospitality. Hancock Co. Habitat provides an experienced Construction Manager or crew leader who will provide on-the-job training.

Each individual coming to Hancock County Habitat for Humanity's construction site should fill out this form--ideally online, but we can send you a paper-copy if needed. (Please note: This is NOT a group registration form.)

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DATE of BIRTH Requirement Explanation
A parent or guardian’s signature is required on Habitat’s waiver for all minors. Youth under the age of 16 are not permitted on the site during construction activities; adult-to-youth ratios and other restrictions apply to work performed by 16 to 17 year-olds. The construction site is private property; parents are advised to prevent their children from entering or playing on the site.
Date of Birth *
Not meant to be intrusive, these fields are included to collect information in case you need medical treatment and either you are not able to speak for yourself and/or if we are unable to get a hold of your emergency contact in a timely fashion. [Information is kept confidential and only accessed by authorized personnel.] Please note that because of internet/cell phone capabilities in rural areas, this information, even if provided, may not be immediately available to Habitat construction personnel. Wearing a medic-alert bracelet and/or carrying an emergency info. wallet card is strongly suggested.
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Medical Problem(s) You Wish to Disclose w/ Severity & Treatment [e.g. asthma; inhaler] (OPTIONAL)
NON-Food Allergies You Wish to Disclose w/ Severity & Treatment [e.g. bee sting; anaphylactic shock; epi-pen] (OPTIONAL)
We ask that volunteers bring their own food and drink to site; however, on occasion, hospitality may be provided in the form of sandwiches, snacks or drinks. We cannot guarantee that any item provided is free of allergens in trace amounts or as main ingredients.
Food Allergies w/ Severity & Treatment (Please be specific; indicate 'NONE', if applicable.) *
Other Special Dietary Requirements (If food is provided, we will do our best to accommodate.) *
Note: - Food & drinks may be brought to the site for the day's crew by PRIOR ARRANGEMENT ONLY so as to allow us to attempt to adhere to any disclosed allergies, whenever possible. Otherwise, volunteers should be prepared to bring their own food and drink each day.
Hospitality *
Providing First Aid *
Framing *
Floor and Deck/Porch Framing *
Wall Sheathing *
Window Installation *
Door Installation *
Roofing (including roof sheathing) *
Vinyl Siding Installation *
Exterior Trim Work *
Installing Insulation *
Electrical / Wiring *
HVAC Work *
Plumbing *
Drywall Hanging *
Drywall Finishing (taping, mudding & sanding) *
Interior Trim/Finish Work *
Flooring Installation (type listed in next question) *
Flooring Installation (type you're skilled at) *
Cabinet Installation *
Landscaping *
Clean-up (site and/or home's interior) *
Other Professional Trade *
DAYS of THE WEEK You're Available
Note: Typical site workdays are Fridays & Saturdays from 9:30AM to 3:30PM, but we may have other needs periodically. Half-day workdays may also be available with prior arrangement. Except with prior arrangement, we ask that volunteers come prepared to work the full day (with a lunch break provided) to allow for better planning and to avoid disruptions in the workday.
Availability? *
Please be sure to R.S.V.P. (to at minimum the week prior to your desired volunteer date so that we can be sure to have enough materials and supervision on site for your work day. Note that we may need to limit the number of participants for reasons of safety and productivity, and may ask you to choose another date(s). On your confirmed volunteer date, please arrive promptly at the start of the workday (9:30AM) as each morning starts with a required group safety talk and plan for the day. All visitors must immediately report to the site supervisor upon arrival and must sign-in and sign-out on the site log each day. *
RELEASE and WAIVER ("Release")
Each volunteer or guest on site MUST fill out a RELEASE and WAIVER prior to coming to the job site and bring that fully executed form (signed & witnessed) with them. This document should be read in its entirety as it does affect your legal rights. The witnessed form then remains valid and on file for 1-year. MINORS under the age of 18 will have to have a parent or guardian co-sign the form as well, which includes additional sections. All volunteers and guests must execute this paperwork, NO EXCEPTIONS, prior to working with HCoHFH in any capacity. A downloadable version of the waivers (one for adults & a separate one for minors) can be found at: *
Date I filled out this skill/interest form: *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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