ArcticForestMC Helper Application
Responses should be in complete sentences and go into detail.

Before applying for helper, consider if you have the qualifications and dedication to make a difference in the ArcticForestMC community.

We recommended that you
- are online daily after applying
- are regularly interacting with the community
- are in the official ArcticForestMC Discord server
- have at least 24 hours of playtime on the server
- have extensive knowledge of the server
- have past staff/moderation experience

Applicants must have the settler rank to be accepted.
What would you like the staff team to call you? *
What is your Minecraft IGN (in-game name)? *
Do not change your IGN.
What is your Discord username (include your tag)? Example: Username#0001 *
If we can not contact you, we will decline your application.
What is your age? *
In what country do you currently live? *
If your country has multiple timezones, please include your state/province/etc.
What is your time zone? *
What is your email? *
Gmail is preferred.
Do you have a microphone? *
Do you have a screen recorder? *
Staff members are required to record evidence for punishments (audio is not necessary).
How long have you played Minecraft, and how well do you know your way around the game? *
(Minimum of four-hundred characters)
How well do you know your way around discord? *
(Minimum of two-hundred characters)
Do you have any previous staff/moderation experience? *
List the server(s), position(s), and responsibilities you had. When possible, give links to the server(s) you list.
(Minimum of two-hundred characters)
Briefly tell us about your understanding of the moderating process. *
(Minimum of three-hundred characters)
Why do you want to join the staff team? *
(Minimum of five-hundred characters)
What are your strengths and weaknesses? *
(Minimum of three-hundred characters)
Why should we choose you over another applicant? *
(Minimum of five-hundred characters)
Tell us about yourself. *
This will be shared with the entire staff team if you are accepted. (Minimum of five-hundred characters)
Optional Question
This question does not require an answer and will not influence the likelihood of an application's acceptance.
Is there anything else you should tell us or want us to know?
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