Saturday Writing Classes, 2020 ALL TERMS
Registration for WRITE ON School for Young Writers' Saturday Classes. ( 10-12 at Hagley Community College) ALL TERMS 2020
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Thank you - just a few other things ...
We work to extend and enrich each children's writing experiences. We do not teach a beginner programme and it is best if children have at least one year of English speaking, reading and writing experience prior to joining our classes.
Every now and then we take photos to use on the website or blog. No names are attached to photos. Do you give permission for your child's photo to be used in this way?
Publishing : We ask to have first rights to publish writing from our workshops (WriteOn, Young Writers on the Web). When work generated from our workshops is submitted elsewhere (for competitions etc.) we ask that you let us know and that you acknowledge The School for Young Writers on entry forms.
Does your child have any health needs that we need to be aware of.
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