Three Course Challenge High School Entry Form 2018
Dates: Friday, September 21 and Saturday, September 22 ~ 2018

Please put the meet in your schedule on before/after you complete this form. Deadline for having your athletes entered on is 7 PM, Sunday, September 16, 2018.

Questions? Call Neil Branson, School: 503-738-5586 Cell: 503-739-2471 or e-mail at

Entry Fee Scale.
15 or less runners = $75.00
16 to 25 runners = $125.00
26 to 40 runners = $150.00
40 plus runners = $175.00
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Will your team be having the pasta dinner at the high school Friday night?
Will your team join us for a FREE ice cream social and t-shirt exchange Friday night at Camp Rilea? Start time 7:30 PM
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Staying the Night at Camp Rilea
Beds will be allotted in multiples of four. Bays in barracks sleep 20, duplexes sleep 12, huts sleep 4. Once all beds ($15 per student) have been allotted I will use floor space ($10 per student). Housing at Camp Rilea is for high school teams only. Teams will know in early September how many beds they will have. Extra students can sleep on the floor. Bring sleeping pads. By asking to stay in the barracks you are agreeing to clean your sleeping area to National Guard standards and will not leave until a member of the guard or a representative of the Three Course Challenge has cleared you. Lodging fees can be paid ahead of time, on Friday night, or we can give you an invoice for later payment.
Beds for Females
Count runners, coachs and chaperons
Beds for Males
Count runners, coachs and chaperons
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