Organizational and Executive Needs Assessment

Dear Guest and Prospect:

Meegan Scott and Magate Wildhorseâ„ , thank you for visiting our booth at the Small Business Marketplace. We are committed to bringing you optimal solutions, efficient meetings, and a short consulting to productivity turnaround time. Our solutions are designed to improve levels of effectiveness and credibility; and to enhance professional or organizational reputation.

We want to ensure that the services we develop and our existing solutions are designed to suit your needs and budget.

For that reason we invite you to complete this detailed survey ahead of our first prospect or service inquiry meeting.

Your responses will help us to plan an efficient and effective meeting as well as help us to ask the right questions as we begin the process of working with you to customize or to develop and deliver the solution that best suits your needs.

Perhaps you would just like to provide feedback on our exhibit and interaction at the Marketplace.

Clients and prospects who complete this survey between October and December 2015 save an extra $200- $500 on their purchase..

Thank you in advance for other information shared.

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