WOCF "Creating Character Workshop" | Event registration
*Date: Sunday, February 24th, 11a-2pm

*Location: Private venue to be revealed upon registration and payment.

*Questions: Contact Peppur Chambers at 323.533.4059 or peppur@peppurchambers.com

*Payment due no later than Saturday, February 23rd at 12 noon.

Writing can be hard. Creating fabulous characters while writing can be even harder. I'm here to help. With training as an actor; being an ESL (English as a Second Language) educator, and a Journalism teacher, I've created a course that helps writers create better characters in their writing.

In this 3-hour workshop
+We'll learn how to create characters that sound and look like real people.
+We'll learn how to create characters that help you tell your story, rather than hinder it.
+We'll come up with tactics and tools to help you do this, successfully!
+We'll drink coffee and tea and eat light refreshments while doing so.
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