Egg Size Database
We at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories are soliciting your help with a project, which you can read more about here:

The sizes of chicken eggs are well understood and well regulated, but for other types of bird eggs, the sizes are not necessarily so standard and often not as well understood. If you have access to other types of eggs or eggshells, we'd like your help in gathering data about the size and variation in these other types of eggs.

For each egg that you submit, we'll ask you (1) what type of egg, (2) the width (diameter or circumference), and (3) the length. Measurements can be submitted in either inches or mm.

Please do:
* Feel free to submit as many different eggs as you have available to measure, including multiple of the same type. For example, if you have two goose eggs (of either similar or different measurements), we'd like to hear about both.

Please do not:
* Submit data about chicken eggs.
* Submit data about the same egg twice.
* Enter an egg size that you looked up on the internet. We are asking for data about eggs you have physical access to.

Emu egg in Ostrich Eggbot
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