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Travel Arrangements
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Transportation includes: ground and air transportation.  Please select OTHER if the arrangements will be split and indicate HOW they will be split.
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Lodging will include: booking lodging arrangements and payment for the arrangements.  Please select OTHER if the arrangements will be split and indicate HOW they will be split.
Service Type Details
For performances, the following equipment may be necessary. Please check all that you can supply.
For Event Emcee/Host
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Special Musical Guest
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Additional Information
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Contract Terms
The contractor shall provide his/her services in a competent manner, arrive and perform at times specified between the parties, abide by all reasonable rules and requirements that client shall make, and as long as the contractor fully performs its obligations, render services exclusively for the client during the terms of this contract.
Client agrees to provide lodging, by arrangement or monetary payment.  By arranging lodging, the client is responsible for making necessary reservations and shall be responsible for lodging costs.  All accommodations shall be safe and habitable.

Client agrees to provide transportation, by arrangement or monetary payment.  By arranging transportation, the client is responsible for making necessary reservations and shall be responsible for flight or rental car costs.
The client will arrange for any publicity that the clients deems appropriate for the event at which the CONTRACTOR performs, however the CONTRACTOR agrees to provide or pose for customary and usual photographs to be used for publicity.  A color photograph will be provided by the CONTRACTOR if desired by the client.
Where the contractor’s performance at the event is recorded, in whole or in part, the contractor hereby releases the client to use such recordings in a non-compensatory manner only.  If the performance is recorded for other purposes, the client agrees to obtain an additional release from the contractor prior to the use of any such recording.  The client also agrees to allow the contractor to record and photography the event in whole or in part for profession promotional use.
Either party may terminate this contract by giving the other  party at least five (5) weeks notice in writing.  If the client terminates, the CONTRACTOR shall retain 100% of the security deposit.  This contract shall automatically terminate without further notice at the end of the term of the contract.
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This contract is for the personal services of the CONTRACTOR made between you (the client) and the contractor for the event described.  The CONTRACTOR agrees to so perform according to the terms and conditions listed.
Payment Terms
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