AVID Application SMJUHSD C/O 2028                 Current 8th grade students only!
*Application Deadline Sunday March 31st at 11:59pm*                                                                                                          
Current high school students interested in applying to AVID, please see your counselor for the correct application.
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Your best friend tells you that they are being accused of committing a serious crime. You have no reason to doubt them when they assure you that they are innocent.  However, they do not have an alibi. Your friend asks you to tell the authorities that he/she was with you on the night of the offence, even though you were not. Do you agree to be the alibi? Explain your answer. *
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Please read and sign to complete the application: I understand that AVID is a voluntary program.  AVID is a four year commitment and an academic class.  AVID students are held to a higher standard including behavior, grades, and class rigor.  By signing this, I agree to the following requirements and understand that failure to meet these requirements may result in my permanent removal from AVID: Maintain a 2.8 academic weighted 10-12 GPA, 3.2 overall weighted GPA at all time Earn no more than one (5 unit) D or F grade in any two different A-G required classes Receive a C or better in AVID each semester Be involved in at least 2 sports and/or clubs for the year & participate in fundraising Must take a full 7 period schedule including AVID period 7 (mandatory 9th and 10th grade) *Any suspendable or expellable act is grounds for automatic dismissal from the AVID program *
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