NDCTE John Wall Promising Artist Scholarship Nomination
This $500 student scholarship is awarded to a student who shows great promise in his or her pursuit of a career as a creative artist. The recipient must be a 2018-2019 junior or senior in a North Dakota high school or a 2018-2019 freshman enrolled in a ND college/university. Furthermore, the nominee must have an interest in the creative or literary arts and/or plans to pursue a degree in those fields. Those degrees would include things like art, art education, English, English education, journalism, creative writing, sculpting, photography, graphic design, music, music education, theatre, performance, etc. (If you have questions regarding specific degrees or fields of study, email erika.dyk@gmail.com.)

Submissions must include this application form, at least one letter of recommendation outlining the nominee's attributes, and examples or a digital portfolio of the student's work regardless of medium. The letter or recommendation should include the nominee's accomplishments and merits, the student's academic and creative skills, and any circumstances that make the student especially qualified for the scholarship. The student examples or portfolio may include pictures of his or her sculptures or paintings, photography samples, graphic design examples, writing samples, digital recordings of music, etc.

All application materials are due by June 15, 2018. In order to finish this application, you must have all documents ready. There will be a spot to upload letters of recommendation and digital files of the student's work. You will not be able to save your progress to work on it later. If there are special circumstances regarding the student's work (for example, the file size is too large or it's something like a YouTube video), please email erika.dyk@gmail.com to arrange a way to share the portfolio.

If you have any questions or concerns, email the 2018 Member-At-Large, Erika Dyk, at erika.dyk@gmail.com.

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