SEE LEADER conference - Opatija, Croatia Registration form for PRACTITIONERS
1st International conference on practical and theoretical implications of LEADER/CLLD in South-East Europe
20th - 22nd November 2019
Republic of Croatia

This Registration form is for:

PRACTITIONERS: LAGs, FLAGs, ULAGs, National Rural Networks, Non-profit/Non-governmental Organizations, Managing authorities, Implementing Bodies, Consultants and other local/regional or national development stakeholders etc.



Authors and/or Co-authors ACCOMPANYING PERSON (Important remark: When you fill the form, in each box which is mandatory, but, same time not appropriate for Accompanying person such as, for example: Organizaton/Institution/Company - just write - "NON"; in question Type of organization - fill "other" )

The application procedure:
1. sign up here with the exact answers
2. you will receive a quote/official offer with all the payment information
3. after receiving the offer payment must be made within 5 working days
4. you will receive your invoice and your registration confirmation
5. after you receive registration confirmation, please, proceed with accomodation booking

Accommodation is booked separately on the SEE LEADER website, "For Participants" tab.
IMPORTANT: After you receive automatic registration confirmation from online registration system, please, proceed with Accommodation booking.

Please fill a separate form for each participant!
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