Carnegie Choir - 2018
G'day! What we need to know:

1.Which songs from last year should we keep in the repertoire? (for warm-ups etc)

2. Which songs that we've done before should we revive?

3. There will be a separate survey later for new songs that we haven't done yet.
But right at the end of this survey, you can suggest any you might be thinking of right now.

(If you are new to the choir, give us your views too! Even if you didn't hear the choir perform these songs, it's good to know what you like!)

Remember, the song with the most votes doesn't "win". Popularity isn't the only basis for our choice.
There are other things to think about when choosing songs for the choir, but this survey a good way
for Geoffrey to find out what the general 'feel' is about certain songs and styles.

You can tick as many boxes as you like for each song.
(eg "I think we should give this song a rest but I do like songs in this style though")

AND you can leave all the boxes blank if you have no particular opinion on that song. Even for the whole survey!
Sometimes, choir members tell me they are happy to sing "anything" - That's important for me to know as well.

If the song titles are unfamiliar to you, feel free to open up another browser window and do a YouTube search then come back here and give us your thoughts

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