Application for the visit of the Technical Museum of Slovenia in Bistra near Vrhnika
Respected visitor,

here you can fill in the application form for visiting the Technical Museum of Slovenia in Bistra near Vrhnika. If you have any questions, you can also call us at +386 1 750 66 72 or write to us at

Please complete the application form at least 5 days before visiting the museum. It usually takes two days to confirm your application.

When making the reservation, you must specify the exact time of your arrival and also do your best to be on time on the day of arrival. In the case of an unfortunate delay, please call +386 1 750 66 70.
For Saturday and Sunday guided tours you have to pay a museum guide (35 eur / group in Slovene language, 50 eur / group in a foreign language, the group can consist of up to 25 people) in advance. The reservation must be paid no later than on Thursday at 3 pm in the week before the arrival of the group. If the payment has not been made by the agreed date, the group does not have a confirmed reservation of a guided tour. If this was done but the inflow is not yet visible, you can prove your payment by sending us a scanned confirmation of payment by Friday at 2 pm to .
You receive payment information at the invoice.

In case of cancellation on the day of arrival money is unfortunately NOT returned.
Technical museum of Slovenia
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