Buddha Activity - Retreat with Tenshin Reb Anderson 17-25 August 2019 Zengarden Sweden
In order to register correctly please follow the steps below:
Step 1: Complete and submit this application.
Step 2: We will confirm your place and ask for a deposit of SEK 1000.
Step 3: Once receipt of payment confirmed, you may then book your travel.
Step 4: Pay full retreat balance by July 1st 2019.
Please note: Places are limited to 45 participants. Applications from Tenshin Roshi’s students will be prioritised in the first 2 weeks.
Information about local travel and getting to the venue will be sent out with confirmation.
The only route for emails and questions is the 'rebineurope@gmail.com' address.
We will make every effort to respond promptly.
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1. 1st Choice accommodation
2. 2nd Choice accommodation
3. Hire of bedding
Please check box if you wish to hire bedding. Cost SEK100 (Max 30 sets - allocated in 'order of request'.)
4. Transport from Arboga station to Zengarden
Please check box to book a seat on the rented coach. Cost SEK100. The bus is a set time to accommodate the majority of travellers & retreat schedule.
5. Transport from Zengarden to Arboga station
Please check box to book a seat on the rented coach. Cost SEK100. The bus is a set time to accommodate the majority of travellers & retreat schedule.
6. Retreatant Fund Donation
If you would like to offer a donation to support others please indicate amount below.
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7. Please tell us about any dietary restrictions that are necessary to your health.
The meals are vegan with a choice of dairy
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8. Allergies
Specifically those that may create a medical emergency ie peanut allergy. Please tell us briefly how you are affected.
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9. Is there anything you need to say about your physical and/or mental health?
Please indicate if you have experienced significant psychological difficulties including those for which you have received professional help ie psychosis, schizophrenia etc?’
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10. Will you need to sit in a chair?
11. Is there anything else you wish to tell us? (eg. reduced hearing, limited sight/balance)
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12. Daily work period
What level of physical work would be most suitable for you? eg Heavy, moderate, or light?
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13. Are you able to completely follow a silent retreat schedule?
Please tell us about any limitations or difficulties.
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14. Please indicate if this is your 'first retreat' or your practice is with another teacher/tradition.
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15. Have you received Buddhist precepts?
If so, by whom?
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16. Have you agreed with Reb that you are receiving precepts during this retreat?
RETREAT COSTS: Once you have been notified by email that your application is accepted, a deposit of SEK1000 is required immediately to secure your place. This is a non-refundable application fee. Retreat balance due: 1st July 2019 Please read our cancellation policy below before paying your deposit /fee.
N.B. If your balance due is not received on time & we have not heard from you, you may risk losing your deposit as well as your place to someone on the wait list.
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Cancellation Policy *
Cancellation: More than 30 days prior to the start of the retreat, we will retain your SEK1000 deposit only. If you cancel less than 30 days we will retain the full fee. In the event of an emergency (e.g. death in family or acute critical illness) cancellation will be considered on an individual basis. Travel insurance is recommended to cover costs in the event of cancellation. Please initial the comment box to say you have read this.
PAYMENT : Bank transfer in Swedish Krona (SEK) only. Reference for payment: Full name
Confirmation of payment will be sent out weekly. Please, write to reb-in-europe@gmail.com if you haven't received confirmation after 7 days.
LIABILITY - a zen meditation retreat is not advised for people with psychosis or schizophrenia.
A retreat is not an appropriate time to stop taking any/psychosis medication. An individual needs to be stable and able to take full responsibility for themselves, including travel to & from the retreat.
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DECLARATION: Please electronically sign/initial *
I have read & agree with the cancellation & liability policies. I believe that I can, and it is my intention to, fully participate in the retreat. I agree to accept full responsibility for myself and to observe the guidelines.
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Thank you for your application and co-operation.
We look forward to practicing with you. The Organising Team - Liselotte, Kath & Michael
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