Student Agreement Form
Thank you for participating in our Smart Relationships presentation with First Things First of Greater Richmond.

During the course of the program we will cover many topics of interest to teens like you.

We encourage you to speak to a trusted adult regarding Smart Relationships and invite them to observe what you have learned.

Due to the nature of the topics we ask that anything discussed in the presentation will be held in strict confidence.

I understand that I am unable to share personal information with anyone that is not a participant in the sessions. *
I understand that some of the topics will pertain to sexual responsibility, teen dating violence, sexual transmitted diseases and teen pregnancy. *
I understand that if I discuss anything regarding another student in the program to anyone outside of the program, I may be removed from the class. *
I agree that I must be respectful to the instructor and other students in the class at all times. *
Grade *
School *
First and last Name *
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