Read-A Latte Café Entry Form
Can't make it down to the library to enter a chance to get a pass to the Read-A-Latte Café? No worries!
Fill out this form and will put an entry form in the jar for you.
First name and last initial only please:)
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Student ID:
This is the same as your lunch number. It's also the number you use to sign in and check out books in the library.
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Current book you are reading:
You need to have a book already checked out or brought from home if you win a pass to the café. If you put a book you are planning to read, that's OK as long as you have the book in hand before you arrive to the café.
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Preferred Period(s):
Click as many or as few as you would like. If you win a pass, I will TRY to pull you from one of your preferred periods. If you are not doing well, have a test, or your teacher let me know you are doing something you just can't miss, I can't pull you that period. No worries though; I will fit all winners into our schedule SOMEWHERE.
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