Far West USY Regional General Board Application: 2021-2022
Dear USYers,

The 2021-2022 Far West Regional Cabinet and I are incredibly excited to start the upcoming transitional year with you! By applying for Regional General Board (RGB), you commit to all of Far West, your friends, and the Regional Board member you work with to improve the community we call family. In addition, you are taking a meaningful and essential step within USY leadership; the rest of Cabinet and I applaud you for having the courage to take this step forward. Personally, being a member of RGB was an impactful, meaningful, and highly enriching experience; it allowed me to become the leader I am today. I cannot wait to see what you will accomplish along the incredible, unpredictable journey ahead.

This year (as was the case with previous years), we will be unable to offer an RGB position to every applicant. Making this decision allows each RGB to consist of smaller teams, geared to get lots done without the added chaos of too many cooks in the kitchen. Please take the following application seriously and give ample time and energy to crafting your application responses. Cabinet and I are working to ensure other leadership opportunities at the regional level, regardless of the title you may obtain. If you do not receive the chance to hold an RGB position, we still encourage you to continue pushing your ideas and goals within Far West. We, as a Cabinet, will always value and respect who you are, regardless of your leadership role in our Region.

You are allowed to apply for however many positions you like and will have the option to rank your preferences for each RGB. We highly recommend that you apply for more than one position, as you may lose out on RGB if we cannot offer that one position to you. Along with this, you will only have the chance to hold ONE position. Therefore, please ensure you will be happy being placed on any of the RGBs you apply. For example, you may be offered the spot you ranked #4 out of 4 applied positions; hence, be very thoughtful and intentional about the positions you choose to apply for. The rule mentioned applies to all Co-Chairs as well! For example, you can be a Convention Co-Chair, but will be unable to be on Israeli Affairs RGB at the same time. If you apply for both, you will only have the opportunity to be offered one.

At the start of each application, the Regional Board member will outline their goals for the upcoming year and all positions available. Following this outline, there will be a few general questions that each applicant for that RGB must fill out and submit with their application. Once completing those, please fill out all questions specific to the RGB positions you wish to be considered for.

Many Cabinet members are introducing Multiple new positions this year, so you may want to read through each description before selecting which to apply. It is critical to revise your responses before completing your application, as you cannot edit them after submission. I HIGHLY recommend typing out your answers on a separate document, allowing your work to remain safe before copying and pasting final responses and submitting your application. Some Regional Board members will provide templates including all questions to help you organize your answers beforehand.

ALL APPLICATIONS FOR REGIONAL GENERAL BOARD WILL BE DUE FRIDAY, JULY 30th, 2021 BY 6:13 PM! I would strongly suggest submitting your application at least a few hours before the deadline, ensuring technical difficulties do not factor into the submission process. Late applications will not be accepted. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding anything mentioned in this letter, please contact me at fwusypresident@gmail.com.

Far West Cabinet and I could not be more excited to read through each of your incredible ideas, visions, and goals for the upcoming year. We look forward to working with many of you to bring your initiatives to life, allowing Far West to become a more engaging, creative, and innovative region. Have a wonderful summer, and we cannot wait to see you at LTI 2021!

Break a leg,
Shira Simone Rauch
Far West USY 2021-2022 Regional President
On behalf of the Far West USY 2021-2022 Regional Cabinet
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