Quarter 2 Plan for Your Child
It's hard to believe quarter 2 is right around the corner! We've created this survey to help us prepare for welcoming some students back or preparing others to go fully remote. In order to plan appropriately for instruction and prepare to meet state safety expectations, we ask that a guardian from each household complete this survey indicating if your student(s) will be in person or fully remote during Quarter 2. At this time we will continue to offer full-time, five days of in person learning or an alternative of five days of remote learning.

In Person Learning
Staff and students have worked hard to create and maintain safety guidelines in our school. Students in classrooms are spaced 3 feet apart, traffic is directional in hallways, mask breaks are scheduled throughout the day, and during lunch students are spaced 6 feet apart. Teachers and additional custodial staff are cleaning throughout the day and after every student transition. Finally, in person students are learning and transitioning as cohorts.

Remote Learning
Families opting for remote learning will participate in direct instruction with a CMS teacher and complete assignments and assessments through Google Classroom. Students with Individual Educational Plans or 504 accommodations will continue to receive support services remotely. Remote students receive direct instruction four days a week with their classroom teacher and one day of check-in and assistance from our student support specialist, Doreen Armour. Remote students are in class for 3 - 4 periods per day with other remote students and have several periods to complete their assignments throughout their day. Families opting for remote learning will be asked to complete a Remote Learning Agreement which further details the expectations to ensure student success.

Please complete this survey by October 9th. The information you are providing is for quarter 2 (November 2 – January 15, 2020). We're asking that students and families commit for the entire quarter. Students will not be able to switch their learning plan after October 22nd.

Finally, thank you for taking the time to read and complete this survey. We deeply value your time and feedback.
Student(s) first and last name: *Please include the name of every CMS student in your household unless they each have different plans. Please complete separate surveys for each CMS student if plans are different for multiple children in your household. Ex. Child 1 is remote, Child 2 is in-person: Complete 2 separate survey responses. *
Learning Option: *
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