No prior experience necessary!!

- Arrive by 8:30 am
- Trays, kiddush cup, cutting board, challah cover are in the lower cabinet to the right of the sink
- Tablecloths, small cups, knife, toothpicks are in the cabinet left of the sink
- Wine is in the cabinet and grape juice in the refrigerator (extra bottles are in the cabinet)

We generally put out:
1) Two challah on the cutting board. The Rabbi generally brings one challah, we use one of the frozen Challah from the freezer, and the fresh Challah. If the Rabbi doesn’t bring one, then two frozen Challah are used. Uncut Challah breads that not consumed are returned to the freezer.
2) One jar gefilte fish on 3 plates. Jars are in cabinet. Throw jar out with jelly in trash; jelly will clog the drain
3) One jar herring on 2 plates. Jar can be drained in sink before plating
4) Horseradish and herring are in refrigerator
5) Your choice of other goodies Generally we put out a plate of cookies, 1-2 dishes of chips/veggie sticks and a bowl or two of nuts or something small. Kids love the veggie sticks.
6) For clean-up, wash any serving dishes or knives and return to the cabinet. Leftovers can be put into ziplock bags in drawer beneath cabinet. Please don't put leftovers back into original packages. Wipe and dry tablecloths and return to cabinet.
7) Cutting board, Kiddush Cup and Challah Cover should be returned to the cabinet on the right.

(Hint: It is easier to fill the small cups with wine from a cup rather than the wine bottle.)

Please use gloves! And please be sure to lock cabinet at the end of kiddush!

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