Participation in the Meeting Community: Friends Sharing Gifts and Leadings
Dear Friends:

Nominating Committee has created this brief questionnaire as one step in our work for 2020. As we consider the needs of our community, and the gifts and leadings of our members and attenders, your responses will help to inform and guide our service to the meeting.

If you have questions about the questionnaire, please reach out to one of us. A step to follow in the coming weeks will be for a Nominating Committee member to reach out to you for a conversation.

**We ask that Friends complete the questionnaire on paper or using the online link by January 10.**

Thank you!

Nominating Committee:
Marina Pavluk
Lisa Vosburgh
Larry Wheeler
Melinda Wenner Bradley
Name: *
What joys do you experience or encounter in our meeting community?
What challenges do you experience or encounter in our meeting community?
What are some of the gifts you believe you have to share with the meeting? "Gifts" might be spiritual or practical -- both how you feel your Light shines, and also skills you can share. We encourage you not to try to identify "committees" from this list; rather, think about how you see yourself naturally led to contribute. Check all that apply, and add others in "Other." (note: these are not listed in a particular order)
Additional comments you would like to share about gifts, leadings, skills?
What are the best email address and phone number to reach you?
What are the best times to reach you by phone?
Thank you for taking the time to complete the questionnaire!
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