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Below you will find the 6 major work areas of WRJI, under its new organizational structure. Each has a Coordinator who will be managing the Team for that area of work. Under each of the six is a list of the tasks and roles for which that Team is responsible, supported by our Executive Coordinator. Please indicate where you would like to work: you may mark as many as you are interested in. At the end of the list is a space where you can offer any specific skillset or experience you think will be helpful for us to know! Our Volunteer Coordinator or her designee will reach out to discuss your interests/skills and reach agreement with you where you best fit, and have time for! If you have other ideas for work you'd like to offer, please feel free to use the Other spaces under each area of work. If you would like to discuss your potential role, you may call Sherry Zitter at 617-610-2763.

Thank you so much for joining us on a racial justice journey.
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1. Administration
2. Volunteer Coordination Team
3. Partnership Development Team (WCAA, SIGs, Campus-based groups)
4. Program Development Team
5. Fundraising and Resource Development Team
6. Communications and Technology Team
Other ideas, relevant experiences, questions
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