Application Form: Westminster Learning Communities 2018/19
Westminster Learning Communities facilitate University-wide exchange, critical reflection, scholarship and pedagogic research in relation to learning and teaching.

The communities provide opportunities for enhancing and sharing practice and the development and promotion of new ideas and innovation. They will be genuine communities through which members are willing to help each other, cultivate a shared practice and exchange ideas, resources, expertise and experience.

If you have established or are planning to establish a community and do not require funding, please complete and submit this application form.

Please read the Westminster Learning Communities Guidance before completing this form.

Email address *
Name of community
Community facilitator (this person will be the lead contact for your community)
Short description of the purpose of the community
Communities will be expected to demonstrate how they align with at least one of the priority themes set out in the University Learning and Teaching Strategy 2015-2020. Select the main theme that applies
Outline the methodology and type of activities it is anticipated the community will use to explore its area of focus and likely milestones for these activities.
Provide details of the outputs the community will generate, and how these will be shared. These might include published papers, conference papers, training and development and dissemination events and campaigns.
Provide details of the anticipated impact the community will have on the University and, if relevant, beyond the University, and how this will be measured.
Attach any supporting documents (up to 5). Please label them clearly, including the name of the community.
Provide details of the individuals who will constitute the leadership of the community, their roles and responsibilities, and the rationale for the selection. Whilst it is anticipated that membership will be fluid, it is recommended that a minimum of three members should be in place to establish the community. At least one of these roles should be the Community Facilitator.
It is anticipated that wider membership of the community will be open. Provide details of how involvement from staff around the University will be facilitated and maintained, and any members already confirmed.
Communities are strongly encouraged to include members external to the University to bring in perspectives from outside the University of Westminster. Please provide details of external members you have approached or intend to approach and the rationale for selection, or what provisions have been made to include external involvement. If no external involvement is anticipated, proposals should include the rationale for this decision.
Provide details, if available, of individuals or areas that it is anticipated will be invited or represented on an ad hoc basis.
The University is committed to integrating student partnership across its activities, and communities are strongly encouraged to involve students, either as members, or through consultation and collaboration. Provide details of how the community will involve students and, if there is no student involvement planned, the rationale for this decision.
Are you intending to request funding for your community? (YES / NO)
If yes, please indicate whether you anticipate there will be any significant expenditure needs.
Attach any supporting documents. Please label them clearly, including the name of the community.
Do you anticipate any training and development needs for the community facilitators or members? If so, please indicate what training and development is likely to be needed.
Has agreement or support for your proposed community been obtained from your line manager? If not, do you intend to?
Attach any relevant documents. Please label them clearly, including the name of the community.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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