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The steps we will follow
First of all we will be happy you've submitted a talk! Thanks for your effort :)

We are maintaining a queue of speakers that helps us plan better the upcoming events.

We are usually reaching out to the next person in the queue about a month in advance. For example, if we'd like to invite you to speak in the January meetup - we'll write you in the beginning/mid of December. In the invite email we'll share the date of the upcoming meetup and confirm it works for you. Once you'll confirm - we'll add the details you are sharing in this form into the event description. You can always ask us to change things.

If you need a confirmation earlier - please reach out!

We're available on several channels: you can tweet to us or DM on Twitter, you can wring to us on Meetup or at the Slack channel #berlin of the Gophers Slack.
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Twitter handle
We want to tweet about you before and during the meetup! But you can leave it free of course
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Repo would be good, link to slides works as well
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