Effective & Sustainable Partnerships: A Door for the Next Decade
1. To discuss the current international partnership status and our position with regards to achieving the 2030 SDGS
2. To bring to the table the main challenges and the underlying causes that are delaying the progress of achieving the goals, as well as the innovative solutions to overcome the challenges
3. To enhance the policy dialogue between international, public and private bodies to drive the roadmap towards achieving the 2030 SDGs
4. Accelerating the SDGS immersion in the national development plans and strategies
5. To discuss the COVID-19 recovery plans and how we are building back better together
6. To discuss different strategies followed by local stakeholders to bring long-term foreign investment in positive impact projects.
7. To promote human rights and engage voices from a variety of international society segments from all over the world into the 2030 sustainable development decision making conversation
8. Walk the talk – discuss best practices in order to reach the goal of having prosperous business, a thriving society and a healthy environment
9. To understand the MSMEs and youth entrepreneurs role in achieving the SDGs and how powerful is their effect in bringing the change.
10. Explore UAE’s international initiatives, regional and national projects and innovative policies that reflect its commitment to outline the 17th SDG.

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