BR Teacher Taught Lesson Feedback
Thanks for taking the time to complete this feedback survey. Your answers will help guide changes and resource development to support BR Teachers in utilizing the program.

Please set aside a minimum of 5 minutes to complete this survey.

This survey should be completed after teaching the CLOSING THE LOOP Teacher Taught BR lesson. Please reflect on your BR experience in setting up the BR program and share your thoughts.
What is your name? *
Who is your BR Educator? *
How many years have you been involved with BR? *
WEBSITE & LOGIN: How would you rate your online experience of understanding and using the Beyond Recycling website? *
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BR FILES DOWNLOAD: To access the resources on the website, you need to download the files. What was your experience downloading the files for your Teacher Taught lessons? What worked? What could be improved? *
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PREP: The BR Teacher Taught lessons have been developed for ease of use by teachers with minimal prep. What was your experience like prepping to teach the Teacher Taught lessons? How long did it take for you to prepare? *
SLIDESHOW NOTES: Do you use the presenter view in the PowerPoint slideshow to access the slideshow notes when facilitating the lesson? *
LESSON RESOURCES: At this point, you have utilized 2 Teacher Taught lesson plans. How would you rate the following aspects of the program overall? *
needs improvement
as expected
worked well
Lesson Plans
Powerpoint slideshows
Student worksheets
TIMING: BR lessons are designed to fit within 75-minutes. Did you follow the suggested time limits for each activity mentioned in the lesson plan? Were you able to complete the lesson in the allocated time? Please share your experience. *
EXPERIENCE: Please rate your overall experience with the Beyond Recycling program so far. *
Not great
Really great
TRAINING: In the future, would you be interested in Pro-D training and resources to be able to deliver this program to your students yourself, as compared to with a Wildsight educator? *
OTHER: Do you have any other thoughts you would like to share about the BR program? Please share any challenges you have had.
Thanks so much for taking the time to complete this survey and sharing your thoughts. Your feedback will be utilized to adapt and improve the Beyond Recycling program.
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