Augusta County Watch January 2024 Survey
This survey is designed to gather citizens concerns, research and provide answers when available, and share with the elected officials.  Please feel free to give details in your answer that will better help us develop additional data gathering. Please note, your name and email is optional.
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Which Magisterial District do you live? *
Map of Augusta County Districts
Thinking of the roads you travel most often, do the conditions meet your needs?  *
Did you view the real estate appraiser's presentation at the January 10, 2023 Board of Supervisors Meeting? *
Do you have concerns about the amount of personal property tax you pay? *
Have you signed up for Augusta County's broadband access? If not, do you already have the internet access you need and are satisfied with it? *
Do you attend county meetings. Why or why not? *
What are some of the current county projects that you are somewhat familiar with? *
Are you happy with the county's performance and services?  *
Are the Board of Supervisors (elected officials) responsive and representing your interests? *
What subjects would you like us to cover on our social media and website that you think would be valuable to the citizens of Augusta County? *
Any other comments you would like to share? 
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