CO-FRESH - Quality of events & impacts (Q1.2)
This questionnaire is aimed at evaluating the quality of CO-FRESH activities and events. We want to make sure that they meet the needs of fruit and vegetable value chains stakeholders. 
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I am/represent: *
Date of the event *
Location - Venue *
You are a: *
Only for those memebers of the cofresh consortium, what is your role in the project?
How did you get in touch with CO-FRESH project?   
How would you evaluate the general quality of this activity/event/website/tool? Please, select the correspondent number on the scale.  
Very bad
Very good
How would you evaluate the general quality of this activity/event/website/tool? Please, circle the correspondent number on the scale  
  From 0 (totally disagree) to 5 (totally agree). If you don’t know or have no answer, please let the raw empty.   
Not applicable
The structure and development of the session/contents have been appropriate
The presentations are clear
The contents have been attractive and relevant
The information I have received will help me to improve my day-to-day practice (efficiency, innovation, productivity, commercialization and marketing, decision-making, …)
This activity has been an interesting opportunity of networking, I met people I could possibly collaborate with
Clear selection
To which extend did your participation in this activity help you to solve the following expectation(s)/need(s)?  
From 0 (not at all) to 5 (yes, totally). If you don’t know or have no answer, please let the raw empty, thank you  
Not applicable
Improvement of the efficiency of my activity
Improvement of my marketing strategy
Improvement of my business model robustness
Adapted logistical solutions
Increase of my sales
Improved understanding of legal framework
Networking and collaboration opportunities
Inspiration from best practices and success stories to improve your activity
Clear selection

In your opinion, to which extent CO-FRESH project is contributing to these objectives/impacts?


From 0 (no impact) to 5 (strong impact). If you don't know or don't want to answer, please let the row empty, thank you.

0 (no impact)
5 (strong impact)
Increased environmental sustainability of agri-food chains
Reduced food waste along the value chains
Increased efficiency of the value chains
More stable income for farmers
Strengthened farmers’ position in agri-food value chains
Fairer distribution of costs, benefits and risks amongst the actors involved in the agri-food chains
Innovative and sustainable business models well-functioning in operational environment
Enhanced transparency and information flow along the value chains
Improved competitiveness of European producers and agri-food chains
More convenient and healthier diets for European citizens
Better matching between supply and demand
Rural areas dynamization and urban-rural synergies
Clear vision of agri-food value chains and their socioeconomic and environmental issues and challenges
Community building, social empowerment and cross-sectorial networking
Increased collaboration between agri-food chains actors
Influence on policies and regulations to support the sustainability improvements
Consumers more aware about socioeconomic and environmental sustainability issues
Knowledge transfer and awareness raising to encourage citizen behavioural changes
Do you expect other benefits? If yes, which ones?   
Do you have uncovered expectation(s)/need(s)? If yes, which ones?  
Any further comments you would like to add?
DATA PROTECTION: This questionnaire is intended for assessment purposes only and the results will be used internally within CO-FRESH. We do not collect nor in any other way process any personal data which may lead to revealing your identity. Please do not mark your name or any other information that can lead to your person on the questionnaire. Your participation is fully voluntary. You are free not to complete this questionnaire.    *
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