Grant Application for the CPM 2020 Teacher Conference Due 8/23/19
CPM is pleased to be able to offer grants for teachers to offset the cost of attending the CPM Teacher Conference. This grant may offset the costs of attending the conference, including registration, travel, substitute reimbursement, childcare, meals, and lodging. Grant award amounts are determined by the time zone in which you live because transportation expenses are related to distance from the conference:

$300 - Pacific Time Zone, driving
$400 - Pacific Time Zone, flying
$500 - Mountain Time Zone
$600 - Central Time Zone
$700 - Eastern, Hawaii or other Time Zones

Important conditions for receiving the grant:

1) Applying for and receiving a Travel Grant does not automatically register you for the conference. You must register and pay for the conference separately. Conference registration opens September 1, 2019. Last year the conference filled up quickly so be sure to register early.

2) Grant applicants will be notified via email on or around September 15, 2019 about the status of their application (email sent to the account used to apply for the grant). Recipients have one month to accept or decline the grant and submit any required paperwork. If the required paperwork is not submitted by the deadline, recipients will lose their grant award. Please make note of this requirement!

3) Grant recipients are required to sign an attendance sheet each day of the conference.

4) Grant recipients are required to submit session and conference feedback forms in order to receive their checks.

5) If all conditions are met grants will be awarded within six weeks of the end of the conference.

6) If you do not attend the conference, for any reason, you will not receive the grant.

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Grant award amounts are determined by the time zone in which you live because transportation expenses are related to distance from conference. Select your award and time zone. If awarded, a check will be mailed to you approximately two weeks after the conference.
Sources of Funding *
The Teacher Conference Committee considers your request of financial assistance from multiple sources (such as your school, district, and other organization and foundations) as a positive aspect of your grant application, whether or not awards are granted. Because this application is not due until August 18, 2019, the National Conference Committee strongly suggests that you check with additional organizations for financial assistance before applying for this grant so that you can include the outcome of your request here in your application.
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Opportunity *
List the name, year, and location for any conferences that you have attended in the last three years. Please note if you were a speaker at any of these conferences.
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Effectiveness *
Please explain how you will use the knowledge and skills learned at the 2019 Teacher Conference to improve math education in your school/district/state?
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I understand the following terms and conditions. Receipt of grant is dependent upon registration, attendance, and submission of feedback at the conference. If I do not attend, for any reason, I will not receive a grant.
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