Thank you for applying to be part of our first annual wine festival. With a backdrop of San Diego's premier galleries of fine art, science, and history - we are seeking local artisans and high end creators of food and beverage who would like to share their craft with our 3,000 discerning attendees. For your generous donation, you will receive a tax receipt along with the promotional exposure listed below.

Proceeds from this event benefit participating institutions in the park. The Balboa Park Cultural Partnership's tax ID# is 20-0857447.

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What we provide day of
- glassware for all attendees
- 6-8 foot table within a gallery
- dump buckets
- an 8x10 picture frame for your table, listing your offerings
What we expect day of
- minimum of two styles within your portfolio
- non-wineries: one of your styles should be wine related (wine barrel aged, grapes used, etc.)
- decoration of your table with signage and marketing materials (no wall coverings, tables are freestanding)
- providing your own serving hardware (i.e. jockey box, CO2, etc.)
- a representative of your business present who can speak to the styles being served
- donate enough to serve 1,000 people in 1 or 2oz servings
- table cloth (we can provide, if needed)
- to have your table setup and ready to serve by 4pm on Friday, June 2nd, 2017
NOTE: exhibitors cannot sell products at the festival
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Promotion we provide
- exposure on our website
- printed festival materials
- features on our social media channels
- exposure to our 11,000+ email subscribers
- promotion from the museum you're hosted in
Promotion we expect of you
- add to your website
- mention your participation on your social feeds (we'll contact you once your listing is ready)
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We'll review your submission and reply to your request within two business days. Please note: your event location is at the discretion of the event producer, and will be determined two weeks prior to the event.
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