Programming Blockchain Scholarship Application
Should you be selected, you will be given a free admission (value: $4000 USD) to the Programming Blockchain Seminar on March 25-26 in San Francisco or April 22-23 in Antwerp, Belgium. You will still be responsible for travel to and from the venue unless you opt for the online version.
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There is an online option where you will get the live lectures, but be participating from home. You would have to be online 8:30am-5:30pm in the time zone of where the seminar is being held. Would you be open to this option? *
Why are you looking for a scholarship to this class? *
What project are you hoping to be able to contribute to or create as a result of what you'll learn at this seminar? *
PLEASE TRY TO SOLVE THIS PROBLEM, THIS IS A REQUIREMENT TO BE CONSIDERED. You are given a bunch of Bitcoin UTXOs of varying amounts that you are able to spend from your Bitcoin wallet. They are given to you sorted by amount. You want to pay someone 0.05 BTC with a fee of less than 1000 sats AND not generate any change. Write a function to determine if your UTXOs will allow for this specific transaction. Remember, you may use more than 1 input! (Solving for the 2 input case is good, solving for the 3 input case amazing and the 4+ input case extraordrinary) *
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