Youtube Panels
In order for you to participate in the Youtube panels you must have a video camera attached to your computer, a microphone and headphones, and a recommended upload speed of 3-6 Mbps. (Not sure? Check you speed rates during peak usage times of Friday and Saturdays using this handy tool Make sure to wait for the purple number as that is the upload speed!)

Please keep in mind that the purpose of these panels is for you to engage with other authors, but more importantly to show off your brand for readers. Most panels will be expected to have a PG-13 rating, unless otherwise specified.

Please let us know if you have the skills, tools, and would be interested in being part of panels for OWS CyCon. We will come up with an appropriate number of panels and live events according to interest.

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Would you be interested in hosting a panel? If yes, what is your Youtube Channel/ topic Idea/ preferred rating?
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Do you have topic suggestions? Please include here and if we have someone willing to host it we will use it.
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