Application for HWG Cash Card
This is an application form for the HWG Cash Card, kindly ensure that you have registered an account on the HwgPay App and completed the KYC process. Else kindly please proceed to Google play store to download HwgPay App.
Kindly provide us your Full Name as per ID *
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Kindly provide us with the Mobile Number or Email that was used to register in HwgPay App *
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Which card type do you prefer? *
Have you performed you KYC in the HwgPay Mobile App? *
Important Notice
1. There will be a service fee of $10 per annum for each HWG Cash Card Application.
2. The Card Holder Name will be as per your KYC Full Name.
3. Kindly perform your KYC in the HwgPay App in Order for us to process your Card Application
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