Rebuilding the PB Network Short Survey
About this survey. (Please read, or jump straight in)
In this survey we are seeking to understand if there is an appetite to find new ways to promote participatory budgeting or interest in rebuilding a more active PB Network. It compliments an online workshop we will be holding, and the survey is for those who might not be able to join that.

It links to this post made on the UK PB Network website in November 2020:

We estimate it might take a minimum of 3-5 minutes, but we include a lot of optional free text boxes.
How would you describe yourself (choose as many as you like or make up your own)
Your knowledge or experience of participatory budgeting?
No experience
Very knowledgeable
Clear selection
Please rate how much you agree with the following statements... I would want to connect or participate in the PB network to ...? (where 1=not important, 4=very important)
Better my personal situation.
Build relationships and social networks.
Form groups and organisations.
Improve my local environment and place.
Change the world.
Clear selection
Why did you say this? Any comments so far?
Want to know more about why we ask this?
These statements are adapted from ‘How and Why People Participate’:
Values for a revived PB Network
Next we ask you to rate differing values, that might inform the direction of a newly revived PB Network. Please read through them and rate the importance of each. (where 1=not important, 4=very important)
Clear selection
Any comments on these values? What is missing, or what attracts you to them?
Want to know where they came from?
We know there are already strong networks for PB in Scotland, and in Northern Ireland. But less so serving England or Wales. Which of these statements do you agree with and by how much? (where 1=not important, 4=very important)
We need a refreshed network that covers the whole of the UK
We need to complement existing networks in Scotland and Northern Ireland
We need to build a new network that only serves England and Wales
We need to build a network that only serves England
We need to build a network that only serves Wales
Clear selection
If you were going to make suggestions for how to build a strong, active and relevant PB Network... what would they be?
Do you have any other comments before completing this survey?
Please let us know if...
Please add a contact name, if any of the above is yes.
Please add your email, if any of the above is yes.
Protecting your data
Your contact details will be kept securely and solely for the purpose of contacting you in relation to this project.
Your responses will remain anonymous, and not linked to your contact details.
How to contact us
If you have any questions on this survey please email

Thank you for taking part.
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