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Student Feedback Form to ensure quality education in CPUH
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4. Please rate following questions using 10 Point rating scale
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Depth of course content (Including project work)
Applicability of the course to real life situaltions
Relevance of the course to the textual reading material
Relevance of additional source material (library)
Extent of efforts required by student
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5. What determined your choice of University
 6. What is your opinion of the library materials for your subject?
7. The internal evaluation/examination  system  as it exists is
 8. Did the department have provision to take care of student grievances?
9. Please answer following questions in Yes or No
Were your expectations from the University adequately satisfied
Before taking the admission did you get a prospectus?
Did prospectus mention each and every information regarding fee structure, examination system, course framework etc.
Will you recomend University for your relatives ?
Would you like to keep in touch with the Unviersity after you leave it?
Have you made long lasting friendship with anyone in University?
Were you provided help and training in usage of library and computer resources ?
Did University provide an exposure of sports and personality development activities.
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10.If you had to grade your teachers on a ten point scale in descending order from highest 10 to lowest 0.  
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11. Whom do you consider your best teacher? Why?
12. You would rate your teachers to be (rank the qualities according to your preference, omitting the ones that do not apply) (give numbers)
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13.What do you plan to do after completion of the degree?
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